Christmas/Semester Break

It’s been a while since I last posted here. Anyway, I’m doing great. It’s now my Christmas/Semester break so I got a lot of time on my hands hahaha! Unlike for the past few months since college started, I never got to visit this blog.

I’ve been watching videos, and movies to hopefully kill time. Also, I’ve started reading this book entitled I Woke Up Dead At The Mall by Judy Sheehan. It’s starting off nice and I’m liking the story so far. I bought this book at Big Bad Wolf for only 230 PHP, plus, it’s hard bound! It’s was a steal.

1st Week of College

My first week of college consisted of orientations. Many of our professors did not even show up. So I could not really tell what college really feels yet. Though, even on our orientation, one teacher already gave us group activity which will be presented in the following week. That’s a starter.

Tomorrow is a Monday, another beginning of a week in school. I’m hoping for the best? Charot. I’m looking forward to meeting more of our professors! Though secretly hoping that our sessions will still be an introduction to the subjects because many of them we’ll be meeting for the first time. Hahahahaha!

A Tiring First Day

Today was officially the first day of actual classes, though I think it will be an orientation about the subject and its syllabus. Nevertheless, I was still pretty excited.

Your girl (me) has 9:00 AM class and she was there 30 minutes earlier! Talk about being punctual!!!

After few minutes, my classmates started showing up one by one and we entered the classroom by then. My (newly-made) friends arrived shortly before 10:00 AM. We talked a lot about our lives and just chit-chatted to pass the time.

The time was now 9:15 AM and no teacher has showed up. We all knew that if no teacher comes 15 minutes after the time, we can definitely leave. But as good students that we are, we stayed until 10:00 AM and our classmate has announced that the teacher was absent. WELL.

It was early in the morning and we didn’t know where else to go (the school does not have that many resting areas). We were just waiting by the gate for someone to come up with an idea on where to go hahahaha!

Finally, someone suggested Gong Cha and so we went.

L to R: Eran, Terence, Belle, Erin, Gwen, Denise (me!)

We stayed in the mall for a couple of hours, we ate and drink and talked and laughed! They were really fun to be with.

For a little while, James came by and I ate with him at McDonalds. I also went to buy a pair of pants hehehe since my school doesn’t allow pedal pants.

We then went back to school and rested at the library.

An hour later, we needed to go to the gym for our next subject: PE. We waited again for another solid one hour but unfortunately, our prof did not show up!!!

We all went home after that. We were exhausted!!!!!!

Classroom Orientation

Turns out that our first day in college would again be an orientation! I woke up at around 10 am (which was pretty late HAHA) and the orientation starts at 1:00 pm.

When I arrived, a lot of my classmates were already there and I sat beside this girl named Patty.


These were the people I had chika with! They were fun to talk with. Some of my classmates (mostly girls) were a little shy. Isang tanong, isang sagot. Hahahaha! But I made effort on knowing them anyway! Socialize talaga dzai!! Hahahahaha!!

So far, I am loving my section. We are people of different personalities and I like that! I’ll learn to love them as time goes by, not because I have no other choice but they’re my classmates and I believe we should be one! 😊


After a while, we had an activity in which we are to give our classmates what our first impressions of them were. I sent out a bunch of these small papers to them, and I was really touched how they sent me these too (from all different people)! Though, I don’t know what he/she meant by “neat”? HAHAHA paki-explain!


As our orientation comes to an end, the school gave out pins (same design as projected in the picture) and made us pin it on each other’s clothes. That was pretty cute!

BMLS 1-I 2018-2019

Our very first picture!!! I pray that each and everyone of this section will graduate. We can do this guys! Fight fight fight!

College General Orientation!

I am posting this two days after it happened. Hahaha! I was not feeling well the night of the orientation. :/

Anyway, my friend (from grade six in Abu Dhabi!) and I had the same orientation schedule so we went together. The school announced it will start at 8:00 A.M. but I was told it officially started at around 9 A.M. and guess what time we arrived there? 10 (something) A.M.! Hahahaha! Such punctual students, omg.

Little did we know, this institution does have extremely strict policies that we almost did not get to attend because they were not going to allowed us due to us being late but my friend had a reasonable excuse so I just actually went with it? HAHAHA

We were excused however, we no longer can join the morning session, since I’m guessing it was almost ending, so we can only attend the afternoon session (1 P.M. to 5 P.M.).

We ate lunch at Abreeza and went back to the school at about 12:40 P.M.

We basically sat there, barely listening hahaha! All I was getting from the speaker was “This uni has strict rules & regulations. You must follow.” it was pretty clear to me by then so in the middle of the program, I started to get bored. The crowd got a little louder than before. I was yawning then and there. Even my other seat mate was yawning too! Hahahaha!

That night, people started posting on the Freshmen Facebook page regarding their sections to look for their classmates. Our section now has a group chat! That was interesting. 🙂 I look forward to working with these people (for four years? omg).